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Yasmin Williams

Protection Consultant

I have been advising people on protection for over 5 years now, working alongside mortgage brokers. People are generally amazed on how much I love my job, as it’s morbid subjects I talk about every day to clients, such as death and getting cancer. However, in my eyes, I see it as more of a case of me helping people out before it’s too late. I’m particularly passionate about the role I’m in as I have lived it first hand on what I am trying to not happen to others. My sister fell seriously ill and lost everything as there was no financial back up to keep up with her outgoings, lifestyle and additional costs the sickness brought on, such as a carer and a wheelchair. I have a big family which helped, so everyone pitched in to help but there’s only so much we can all do. So once I found out there could’ve been a policy which could have avoided all of the financial strain we encountered on top of her being sick, I was like, why isn’t anyone talking about this more. So I decided I’ll be the one to spread the word in a sense, so here I am, here for everyone who may need my advice.

On my days off I generally spend it with my family and or friends on some form of adventure. I’m known as a busy body who does random things like learn how to fly a helicopter one week and the next start writing a book of poetry. You’ll never be sure what I’m up to, but just know I’m having fun and making life count.

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